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Getting member images and logos

asked 2016-12-29 14:59:15 -0600

We are using a WordPress tools called to pull data from a RETS server. The owner of that plugin is asking the below info and ask if you can reply as soon as possible.

**Quote from **

How about this – please login to the backend of paragon(your mls login area) – find/view any agent or office image and copy the url and send it to me so I can see the current path.

this path below isn’t the path I’m looking for as its requiring a current logged in session and I understand the path and I understand your getobject ?type (which isn’t there at all for Office images) but I’d like to see if I can just view the current agent/office media path and come up with a “dynamic replacement” within our template view so that this problem can get solved without even needing to download any images at all-period.

So if I had a “real media path” – that doesn’t require being logged in like that one above. Agent&ID=13879:0 – then I can easily “dynamically” replace the agent name or ID within our template and call this done

** End Quote from RETSpro **

Is what he is asking possible?

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answered 2017-01-09 16:48:20 -0600

Agent Photo and Office logo are only available using GETOBJECT transaction.

They are both accessible through the Agent or ActiveAgent resources.

Agent Photo: Type=Photo Office Logo: Type=OfficeLogo

If you specify Location=1 you can get the URL for the image instead of downloading the actual binary. There is only a maximum of one image of each type.

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