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NEREN META update 1-4-17, Major Issues

asked 2017-01-05 13:39:28 -0600

I, once again, am pulling what little hair I have out.

Thank you for the email, and the link to the list,

But, there are major issues here.

First, as previously posted, System names CharX_X incorrect, needs to have LM_ or what have you prepended. It makes a difference

Second, LM_Char50_17 (Cable Company) and LM_Char50_18 (Fuel Company) (Both had char50 not Char50) and LM_DateTime_11 are already there (Residential) So, how do we deal with this? Are they now Deeds?

Third, I have only gotten through residential, but, there are a LOT of missing fields in this list. 1. LM_char50_22 2. LM_char50_24 3. LM_char10_74 4. LO1_Char50_8 5. LO1_Char50_9 6. LO1_Char50_10 7. LO1_Char100_3 8. LO2_Char50_8 9. LO2_Char50_9 10. LO2_Char50_10 11. LO2_Char100_3 12. LO3_Char50_8 13. LO3_Char50_9 14. LO3_Char50_10 15. LO3_Char100_3 16. SO1_Char50_8 17. SO1_Char50_9 18. SO1_Char50_10 19. SO1_Char100_3 20. SO3_Char50_8 21. SO3_Char50_9 22. SO3_Char50_10 23. SO3_Char100_3


OK, got through residential. Cost my customer a lot more than it should have. I would have downloaded META, but in the past, it was inaccurate in char length that I am too afraid to go that approach.

Well, started on commercial sales, I'm seeing a column difference of 21. I only see 2 in the list. I am out of time today. And now need to to do what should be really a 10-15 minute update, not almost 2 hours just for one type, for the others.

I am not looking forward explaining this bill to my client.


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2 Answers

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answered 2017-01-10 16:52:28 -0600

Sorry for the confusion with the NEREN field changes.

The field addition list wasn't as exhaustive as it could have been.

There are several ways you can handle the field changes:

  • Use Select parameter when searching to specify the fields you are using, then it wouldn't return any new fields. There could be issues if columns are removed.

  • Return all the fields but check the column header and use only the ones you are concerned about.

  • Check the column header against the columns you expect and update your data accordingly.

It is always best practice to check the column header returned by search to verify the data is what you expect. Some RETS implementations may remove columns that are advertised in the metadata based on business rules which is perfectly valid in RETS. Paragon RETS leaves the column but blanks the data based on business rules.

As far as the LO* and SO, these were originally added to the listing data to make it more convenient for RETS clients so they didn't have to pull office data separately to get some of the basic office information. Since these fields were added to Office, they show up in the corresponding listing fields too. This would apply also in the case where fields are added to the Agent resource, they would show up in the LA and SA* fields.

The other fields were ones that were enabled in Paragon at some point, but weren’t in RETS yet because a RETS refresh hadn’t been done yet.

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answered 2017-01-07 10:06:58 -0600

updated 2017-01-07 10:12:41 -0600

here is a complete list of missing fields assuming that the original fields in the spreadsheet were added. but since they were all wrong field names it really does not matter. i had sent an email to the RETS team requesting a spread sheet of the fields that were changing or being added. i also asked to define if they would have data in the feed. what we saw was what was sent. not useful at all.


Unmapped names in source: 'LM_char50_19' 'LM_char50_20' 'LM_char50_21' 'LM_char50_22' 'LM_char50_24' 'LM_char10_74' 'LO1_Char50_8' 'LO1_Char50_9' 'LO1_Char50_10' 'LO1_Char100_3' 'LO2_Char50_8' 'LO2_Char50_9' 'LO2_Char50_10' 'LO2_Char100_3' 'LO3_Char50_8' 'LO3_Char50_9' 'LO3_Char50_10' 'LO3_Char100_3' 'SO1_Char50_8' 'SO1_Char50_9' 'SO1_Char50_10' 'SO1_Char100_3' 'SO3_Char50_8' 'SO3_Char50_9' 'SO3_Char50_10' 'SO3_Char100_3'


Unmapped names in source: 'LM_char10_74' 'LFD_InUnitBathroom_283' 'LO1_Char50_8' 'LO1_Char50_9' 'LO1_Char50_10' 'LO1_Char100_3' 'LO2_Char50_8' 'LO2_Char50_9' 'LO2_Char50_10' 'LO2_Char100_3' 'LO3_Char50_8' 'LO3_Char50_9' 'LO3_Char50_10' 'LO3_Char100_3' 'SO1_Char50_8' 'SO1_Char50_9' 'SO1_Char50_10' 'SO1_Char100_3' 'SO3_Char50_8' 'SO3_Char50_9' 'SO3_Char50_10' 'SO3_Char100_3'


Unmapped names in source: 'LM_char10_74' 'LO1_Char50_8' 'LO1_Char50_9' 'LO1_Char50_10' 'LO1_Char100_3' 'LO2_Char50_8' 'LO2_Char50_9' 'LO2_Char50_10' 'LO2_Char100_3' 'LO3_Char50_8' 'LO3_Char50_9' 'LO3_Char50_10' 'LO3_Char100_3' 'SO1_Char50_8' 'SO1_Char50_9' 'SO1_Char50_10' 'SO1_Char100_3' 'SO3_Char50_8' 'SO3_Char50_9' 'SO3_Char50_10' 'SO3_Char100_3'


Unmapped names in source: 'LM_char10_74' 'LO1_Char50_8' 'LO1_Char50_9' 'LO1_Char50_10' 'LO1_Char100_3' 'LO2_Char50_8' 'LO2_Char50_9' 'LO2_Char50_10' 'LO2_Char100_3' 'LO3_Char50_8' 'LO3_Char50_9' 'LO3_Char50_10' 'LO3_Char100_3' 'SO1_Char50_8' 'SO1_Char50_9' 'SO1_Char50_10' 'SO1_Char100_3' 'SO3_Char50_8' 'SO3_Char50_9' 'SO3_Char50_10' 'SO3_Char100_3'

RN_7 Unmapped names in source: 'LM_char10_74' 'LO1_Char50_8' 'LO1_Char50_9' 'LO1_Char50_10' 'LO1_Char100_3' 'LO2_Char50_8' 'LO2_Char50_9' 'LO2_Char50_10' 'LO2_Char100_3' 'LO3_Char50_8' 'LO3_Char50_9' 'LO3_Char50_10' 'LO3_Char100_3' 'SO1_Char50_8' 'SO1_Char50_9' 'SO1_Char50_10' 'SO1_Char100_3' 'SO3_Char50_8' 'SO3_Char50_9' 'SO3_Char50_10' 'SO3_Char100_3'

CL_4 'LM_char10_65' 'LM_char10_74' 'LFD_InUnitBathroom_284' 'LO1_Char50_8' 'LO1_Char50_9' 'LO1_Char50_10' 'LO1_Char100_3' 'LO2_Char50_8' 'LO2_Char50_9' 'LO2_Char50_10' 'LO2_Char100_3' 'LO3_Char50_8' 'LO3_Char50_9' 'LO3_Char50_10' 'LO3_Char100_3' 'SO1_Char50_8' 'SO1_Char50_9' 'SO1_Char50_10' 'SO1_Char100_3' 'SO3_Char50_8' 'SO3_Char50_9' 'SO3_Char50_10' 'SO3_ Char100_3'

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Thanks Clif. This is really a joke. Never have seen such poor support on an API or anything like this. Maybe I'll post up a basic PHP/MySQL list for others.

briansullivan gravatar imagebriansullivan ( 2017-01-07 10:29:27 -0600 )edit

Reflecting on the initial switch and now this update, I decided best route is to develop a script to handle new columns. It checks DB columns to incoming data,and if column count shows new columns,it isolates new columns(array_diff),metadata lookup on them,and inserts them with correct attributes

briansullivan gravatar imagebriansullivan ( 2017-01-08 10:10:40 -0600 )edit
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