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Charlottesville AAR - Confirm HOAINCLUDES data is populated

asked 2017-04-21 08:09:52 -0600

Can you please confirm that the HOAINCLUDES field is populated for listings in our RETS feed? I have provided a few examples that should have data available, but the data seems to have been removed. 513963 515589 518080 518083 518181 UN: WOLFNET

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What class's and field are you referring to?

bwolven gravatar imagebwolven ( 2017-04-21 13:37:53 -0600 )edit

Is there a way to upload a screenshot to this portal? I would think the listings referenced would only be in one class and could be looked up, but I have a screenshot of the fields referenced for each class.

MLSNotify gravatar imageMLSNotify ( 2017-04-21 16:28:39 -0600 )edit

I was trying to figure out which RETS field you were referring to. I don't see one like HOAINCLUDES. I see a HOA Yes/No field in a couple of classes. But that's about it.

bwolven gravatar imagebwolven ( 2017-04-21 16:31:23 -0600 )edit

Are you talking about the "Association Includes" features in Paragon?

bwolven gravatar imagebwolven ( 2017-04-21 16:49:18 -0600 )edit

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answered 2017-04-21 17:00:15 -0600

Here's what I show when I pull COMPACT-DECODED data for those 5 RE_1 listings:

L_ListingID: 513963 LFD_AmenHOACOAClubSub_2: Bar/Lounge,Basketball Court,Beach,Dining Rooms,Exercise Room,Golf,Guest Suites,Lake,Meeting Room,Picnic Area,Play Area,Pool,Sauna,Tennis,Transportation Service,Volleyball,Walk/Run Trails LFD_AssociationIncludes_13: Dumpster,Insurance,Master Ins. Policy,Prof. Mgmt.,Reserve Fund,Road Maint,Security Force,Snow Removal

L_ListingID: 515589 LFD_AmenHOACOAClubSub_2: Bar/Lounge,Community Room,Dining Rooms,Exercise Room,Golf,Guest Suites,Lake,Picnic Area,Play Area,Pool,Tennis,Walk/Run Trails LFD_AssociationIncludes_13: Dumpster,Play Area,Pool,Prof. Mgmt.,Reserve Fund,Road Maint,Security Force

L_ListingID: 518080 LFD_AmenHOACOAClubSub_2: LFD_AssociationIncludes_13: Area Maint,Master Ins. Policy,Play Area,Prof. Mgmt.,Reserve Fund,Road Maint,Security Force,Snow Removal

L_ListingID: 518083 LFD_AmenHOACOAClubSub_2: LFD_AssociationIncludes_13: Area Maint,Prof. Mgmt.,Snow Removal,Trash Pickup

L_ListingID: 518181 LFD_AmenHOACOAClubSub_2: Basketball Court,Clubhouse,Dining Rooms,Exercise Room,Golf,Play Area,Pool,Riding Trails,Soccer Field,Tennis,Walk/Run Trails LFD_AssociationIncludes_13: Area Maint,Club House,Exercise Room,Play Area,Pool,Road Maint,Security Force,Tennis,Trash Pickup

Are you seeing something different?

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