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Selling Agent ID and Selling Office ID Values

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For Sold data, we attach Sold Records to "Listing Agent" and also "Selling Agent". On we use the following fields as the 'Agent identifier" and 'Office identifier":

LA1_LoginName & LO1_ShortName

We are attempting to link this Sold data to Selling Agents and Offices but the ID values under the L_SellingAgent1 & L_SellingOffice1 fields do not match.

For example: LA1_LoginName value = 5 digits long L_SellingAgent1 values = 2 digits long

We need the Selling Agent and Office ID's to match the Agent and Office ID values as a "Listing Agent". I would be glad to upload sample.'s avatar
asked 2017-04-26 08:56:48 -0500
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What RETS URL and account name (NO Passwords) are you using to connect? It should be SA1_LoginName and SO1_ShortName if the fields are enabled in the MLS. But normally they are not. L_SellingAgent1 & L_SellingOffice1 are foreign key to the record in the Agent or Office resource.

bwolven's avatar bwolven (2017-04-26 10:01:39 -0500) edit

RETS URL: tp:// User Name: 490781373

There are values in these fields. They just don't match up with the values in the Agent ID field we have mapped as follows:

Agent ID: ActiveAgent: U_LoginName Property Resource: LA's avatar (2017-04-26 10:35:48 -0500) edit

Property: L_SellingAgent1 links to Agent or ActiveAgent: U_AgentID.

Property: L_SellingOffice1 links to Office or ActiveOffice: O_OfficeID

bwolven's avatar bwolven (2017-04-26 10:55:11 -0500) edit

Changing to U_AgentID and O_OfficeID would cause ID changes for all of their membership (members will lose history and lead info). Is there another Selling Agent ID and Selling Office ID field that can be added to our RETS profile that matches the values we are looking for?'s avatar (2017-04-26 12:03:56 -0500) edit

We did and the MLS sent to Tyler Hamme to implement but he informed me he could not assist further and I'd need to bring this issue up here. We run into this issue quite a bit and are normally able to get support from the System Support Manager. They typically work with the MLS on this.'s avatar (2017-04-27 12:12:56 -0500) edit
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If you really need to have access to SA1_LoginName and SO1_ShortName you would need to make the request through the MLS to have them enabled since they normally aren't.

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answered 2017-04-27 11:41:19 -0500
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