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Paul Bunyon MLS (MI) - Public Remarks data nulled out

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The publicmarketingremarks field has now been set to null and we are not receiving public remarks data anymore. Can you please clarify if this field is being deprecated or if there is an issue with the RETS feed?

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asked 2017-04-27 14:51:57 -0500
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Can you provide your account name. NO Passwords.

bwolven's avatar bwolven (2017-04-27 15:19:51 -0500) edit

Here you go: CBSHHL

MLSNotify's avatar MLSNotify (2017-04-27 15:59:37 -0500) edit
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I'm showing data in field L_remarks22 which is publicmarketingremarks using your account?

Are you using the correct field?

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answered 2017-04-27 16:15:39 -0500
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