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asked 2017-08-02 18:25:59 -0600

Whenever requesting media or property data, everything seems to connect and process, but at somepoint we get this error.

We have tried batches of 500, etc, nothing seems to work.

Replicate Error:

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answered 2017-08-03 12:13:26 -0600

Hello! Could we get a little more information, what LoginName are you using? We can see how long the RETS GET request takes in our audit logs, to see if there is anything of interest there.

As far as the URL you've linked above, that seems to be timing out connecting to the php site itself, which would not be our RETS server: GET /mls/cronPropertyPcar.php HTTP/1.1

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Asked: 2017-08-02 18:25:59 -0600

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