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photo and open info [closed]

asked 2017-08-14 14:16:09 -0600

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RANW photos often have open house info overlaid, but when this overlay info changes, L_Last_Photo_updt does not. How can we know to pull new photos if L_Last_Photo_updt field does not change?

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So you are saying that images are being changed on a listing but L_Last_Photo_updt isn't being updated? If so, do you have a specific example? Also how are you pulling the images?

bwolven gravatar imagebwolven ( 2017-08-15 16:54:17 -0600 )edit

MLS#50161786 When an open house is scheduled, open date/time info overlaid on the first image. When the open event is over, the open info is removed but L_Last_Photo_updt does not update.

tphu gravatar imagetphu ( 2017-08-15 17:14:33 -0600 )edit

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answered 2017-08-15 17:16:12 -0600

We received the following info this morning - RETS Data Feed Changes – Coming on or around 8-22-17: The Photo Timestamp fields (L_Last_Photo_updt) in the Media Resources will be modified and updated with the addition and/or completion of a scheduled Open House.

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