RETS 1.8 update transaction - validate-flag values 0|1|2

User: iCheck URL: /rets/fnisrets.aspx/RANWMLS/update Having a problem with UPDATE Transaction when sending Validate=1 the server is validating ALL FIELDS instead the partial record of fields sent in the request. The server is acting as if the validate-flag = 2.

RETS 1.8 10.1.2 Validate Validate validate-flag validate-flag ::= 0 | 1 | 2 If this entry is set to 0 and there are no errors in the record, the record in the server database is updated. If this parameter is set to 1, the server expects that the record is not complete and that it will not be stored on the server as a result of this UpdateAction. The partial record is validated by the host. Any fields that are not provided are not validated. Any fields with the metadata field "Attributes" set to "Autopop" in the metadata (see Section 11.3.4 ) will have their field values filled in by the server and returned to the client. The "Autopop" mode is used to automatically populate the fields of the data record. The record in the server database is not updated. If this entry is set to 2, the server validates all fields and returns any errors found, but does not store the record. The record in the server database is not updated.

Here is the request to the server (note validate=1 and only 1 update field in the request):

?Resource=Property&ClassName=RS_1&Validate=1&Action=Change_iCheck&Delimiter=09&Record=L_ListingID=50027302%09L_listing_visibility_type_id=2 The server is responding with the following ErrorBlock

[ReplyCode] => 20301 [ReplyText] => Invalid Parameter.

[ERRORBLOCK] => SimpleXMLElement Object
        [ERRORDATA] => Array
                [0] =>                L_AskingPrice    1143       0              (36) List Price: Please confirm the List Price.         
                [1] =>                LM_DateTime_2              500         0              (88) Est Completion Date: If the property is 'New Construction', 'To be Built', or 'Under Construction', then the date completion est field is required.                
                [2] =>                LM_bit_25          720         0              (85) New Construction: 'Under Construction', 'To Be Built w/Lot' and 'New Construction' are mutually exclusive. If one is 'yes', the other two must be 'no'.    
                [3] =>                LM_int4_62        1007       0              (252) SQFT Fin Below Grade Est: If SQFT Fin Below Grade Est is greater than 0 at least one room must be on Lower level      
                [4] =>                L_ListingID          1163       0              (310) Listing Contract (Y/N): The Listing Contract field is required.    If you are attaching the listing contract at this time, please select Yes.  If you are attaching the listing contract at a later time, please select No. 
                [5] =>                LM_Char25_20  -80          0              (107) Source-Year Built: Bypass required field: (107) Source-Year Built             
                [6] =>                LM_char1_34     -80          0              (101) Source-Acre: Bypass required field: (101) Source-Acre,      
                [7] =>                LM_bit_45          -80          0              (50) Electronic Consent: Bypass required field: (50) Electronic Consent          
                [8] =>                LFD_FIREPLACES_12       -80          0              (293) Features: Bypass required field: FP - FIREPLACES        

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