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What are the proper classes for Manhattan RETS?

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I'm creating cron jobs for php scripts that get listings, but they are not all working. For some classes I'm getting this error returned: Miscellaneous Search Error. Class [CLASS HERE] does not exist in Resource [Property]. This is the list I derived from other posts in this knowledge base:

RE_1-ResidentialProperty-Residential - LD_2-LotsAndLand-Land - CS_3-CommonInterest-Commercial Sale - CL_4-CommonInterest-Commercial Lease - MF_5-MultiFamily-Multi-Family - BF_6-ResidentialProperty-Boat Facility - RN_7-ResidentialProperty-Rental

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asked 2018-08-07 12:12:16 -0500
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1 Answer


These are the available classes for manhattan:

ClassName StandardName VisibleName Description
RE_1 ResidentialProperty RE RESIDENTIAL
LD_3 LotsAndLand LD LAND
CI_4 CommonInterest CI COMMERCIAL

You can also use: to view the metadata for the site.

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answered 2018-08-07 15:38:56 -0500, updated 2018-08-07 15:50:28 -0500
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Thank you for the response, are there no classes for Commercial Lease and Farm/Ranch?

JamesPetree's avatar JamesPetree (2018-08-07 15:45:04 -0500) edit

Those are the only 4 classes I see for that system. CI_4 is Commerical.

bwolven's avatar bwolven (2018-08-07 15:49:49 -0500) edit
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