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Do I need to fetch individual Class from Resource "Property" than same class from Resource "Media" to get respective photos of individual row?

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I wrote this code

$query = "(L_StatusCatID=1)";

$results = $rets->Search('Property', 'RE_1', $query, ['Limit' => 9999999]);

foreach ($results as $r) { print_r($r->toArray());

$firstID = $r['L_ListingID'];

$photos = $rets->GetObject("Property", "Photo", $firstID,"*","1");

foreach ($photos as $photo) { // $photo = (array) $photo; // var_dump($photo->getContent());die; //var_dump($photo->getContentId()); $listing = $photo->getContentId(); $number = $photo->getObjectId(); $contentText = $photo->getContent(); $success = false; if (preg_match('/replytext="SUCCESS"/i', $contentText, $match)){ // print "Match found!"; $success = true; }

    if ($success == true) {
            echo "{$listing}'s #{$number} photo is at {$photo->getLocation()}\n";
    else {
            echo "({$listing}-{$number}): {$photo['ReplyCode']} = {$photo['ReplyText']}\n";


If I am working right then please let me know should I use Property Classes as main category and L_Type_ as subcategory for individual class. I saw too many L_Type_ in a single class and they are helpful in categorization of property please info me if someone has updated PHRETS 1.8 and API implementation to it's latest version.

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asked 2018-08-09 07:57:44 -0500, updated 2018-08-09 08:02:40 -0500
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When querying the media resource, use the same class as property to pull the image URLs.
Using your example above it would be:
$query = "(L_StatusCatID=1)";
$results = $rets->Search('Media', 'RE_1', $query, ['Limit' => 9999999]);

Using GetObject() like your example above, it only takes the resource (not class specific).
I would suggest that you don't pull a single listing's images at once if at all possible, except for testing purposes.
Pull them in batches of 5, 10 or more at a time to reduce server overhead.

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answered 2018-08-13 10:45:39 -0500
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