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Image Handling Change By Paragon | NEREN

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We received the following from NEREN and we had some questions but they asked us to check in with you:


We have been made aware that a recent change may impact the display of images. Please see the brief message below from BKFS followed by the full announcement on their support page where more assistance on this matter can be obtained:

"As part of our move towards enhancing security across Paragon, we have made changes to the url displayed when accessing RETS Photos. No longer will it display http:// or https:// when accessing photos. This could have an impact on RETS Vendors whose scripts rely upon http:// or https:// to be automatically included will need to be upgraded. However, we are not forcing the use of https://. Vendors can choose to use either http:// or https:// depending on their client’s needs." comment/question/request: We received some feedback from our team and it appears we only allow HTTP and HTTPS as standards for image sources so this needs to be investigated on our side to see how we can support this.

Can you provide specific URLs that has PRURL so we can create a ticket with our imaging department? If we append "HTTP" would this work? PRURL is not supported in browsers and we treat these sources as if we are just browsers. So if the browser doesn't support it if you paste the URL to it, we are not yet certain how this is going to work but a few examples would be great.'s avatar
asked 2018-10-18 14:22:46 -0500
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The rule is: If the Image URL starts with "//" then it is protocol relative and you can add either "HTTP:" or "HTTPS:"
If it starts with HTTP or HTTPS use as is.

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answered 2018-10-18 18:21:40 -0500
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