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things that don't seem to add up

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login url:

username: TPV17830

Some issues we are having:

issue 1: field : LM_char5_31 this field always returns a null value, from what I can tell based on all the other data, that should be the "room name" for the first room, lm_char5_1 and lm_char30_1 that are the floor and dimensions work fine and return data and lm_char5_32 up to around lm_char5_60 all work and contain the room names, but no where in the 600 or so field we access can we find the first rooms name.

issue 2: in some cases it seems lm_char25_1 (pid) is not returning the correct value. an example of this would be listing id : 201827853 we return PID :45025075 when the correct PID should be: 45406634

there are also several issues we have worked around but should be brought to your attention, and hopefully addressed.

1) The database schema we return from your end to construct a database on our end is not accurate. fields named and addressed as char_5 for example will have data with 15 characters in it, or fields named int_1 with have letters, is there a place we can download the correct schema that is honored or do we need to not trust the sceme given and continue to code around these things?

2) is there a table that stores listing status changes? or is this information we need to track on our end? eg: listing goes from for sale to pending then pending to sold do we just need to track these changes on our end or is this data stored in a table, if it is in a table please let me know the name of the table as we cannot find this information anywhere.

Thats the "big things" right now, hopefully someone knows the answers

Thanks! Evan

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asked 2018-12-03 09:30:18 -0500
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I can't really help much with your first two issues about actual data.
issue 1: - I do see data being returned in LM_char5_31 but it is blank for some of the records.

issue 2: - I get lm_char25_1: 45025075 also for ListingID: 201827853.
Also nothing in the other 3 PID fields: lm_char25_2, lm_char25_3, lm_char25_4

1) The field size is for the COMPACT data according to the RETS specification, not the COMPACT-DECODED.
The compact value for these fields is within the 5 char limit.

2) Unfortunately we do not have a table that tracks status changes.
There is the Hotsheet resource that may have some helpful information but it isn't enabled for your profile.
You would need to go through the MLS to gain access.

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answered 2018-12-03 10:01:26 -0500
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ill look into it and make some changes to do everything compact and see if that changes anything

thanks man :)

ModDish's avatar ModDish (2018-12-03 10:10:25 -0500) edit
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