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Multi-Family Bedrooms and Baths Totals | TahoeSierra

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We asked the MLS the following and they asked us to reach out to you:

Can you tell me the best fields to use to "calculate" the total number of Bedrooms and Baths for your Multi-Fam home listings?

Multi_Family Property Type listing example from the TahoeSierra MLS:

Listings example #20182427 In RETS I see:


1 Rooms -Bedrooms = 2 (2 Units with 1 bedroom each = 2 bedrooms) 2 Rooms -Bedrooms = 3 (3 Units with 2 bedrooms each = 6 bedrooms) 3 Rooms -Bedrooms = 2 (2 Units with 3 Bedrooms each = 6 bedrooms) 4 Rooms -Bedrooms = Blank shows:7 bedrooms so we are just adding the values vs. multiplying the value by the number of bedrooms within the field name. I can work on getting this fixed but I need to give our mappers details on how we should fix the mapping.

Bathrooms: 1 Rooms -Baths = 1 (this = 1 Bath) 2 Rooms -Baths = 2 (this = 4 baths 3 Rooms -Baths = 1/2 (this makes it 1.5)

Could confirm the field names we should use or if this MLS has a "Total bedrooms" and "Total Bathrooms" field that we can use (total fields would be ideal).'s avatar
asked 2019-01-02 09:27:01 -0500
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The 1-4 prefix refers to the unit number each with their own "Rooms -Bedrooms" and "Rooms -Baths" fields.
So to get the total for all bedrooms for the property you would add the values from each of the 4 Unit slots.
Same for total baths add 1-4 "Rooms -Baths".

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answered 2019-01-04 15:18:35 -0500
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