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[SOLVED]Missing equals sign after field name

asked 2019-01-02 10:46:17 -0600

updated 2019-01-04 09:20:30 -0600


we have the same problem as these two posts:

From these posts, it seems to be a problem on your side that you can fix.

Here is more info:

RETS: Username: ezmax

Thanks in advance

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answered 2019-01-03 10:11:22 -0600

This should be fixed now. Can you verify that it is working?

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We are now having trouble with this error Unknown Query Field [O_OfficeID]

We found same problem as this post too :

We think this issue is on your side that you can fix too.

Ezmax gravatar imageEzmax ( 2019-01-04 09:14:12 -0600 )edit

Can you try this again? It should be working now.

bwolven gravatar imagebwolven ( 2019-01-04 09:16:46 -0600 )edit

Thank you. It works now.

Ezmax gravatar imageEzmax ( 2019-01-04 09:19:29 -0600 )edit
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