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Global MLS / Capital Region IDX iFrame

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A site we manage used an iFrame to pull in and IDX search from passing in an MLS and Subscriber. The URL for the iFrame was which gave us an error: "You have reached Paragon via a discontinued URL. Please update your URL link from CRMLS.PARAGONRELS.COM to GLOBALMLS.PARAGONRELS.COM"

I updated the URL to point to and am now getting "This IDX Search Site is currently not available."

Can you please let us know what we need to do to get their IDX search working again. Thank you in advance.

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asked 2019-02-21 15:34:42 -0500
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1 Answer


Try changing this: Mls=CRMLS to Mls=GLOBALMLS in the URL as well.

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answered 2019-02-21 16:13:24 -0500
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Did that fix your issues?

bwolven's avatar bwolven (2019-02-21 16:39:33 -0500) edit

Thank you, yes, that fixed the issue. Should have thought about that.

mannixmarketing's avatar mannixmarketing (2019-02-22 07:58:39 -0500) edit
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