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Start 101 - new feed for web site

I am a Broker building a website. The local board referred me to this Forum to ask questions. Very basic questions.

1) The IDX feed. Is this a Json format, rest API, is there any documentation about this? (I called Black NIghts, and they do not have anyone to talk about this. Called Local Board, and they tell me to use this forum).

2) RETS client. In the FAQ, we have a broken link about the vendors.

3) Do I need a vendor? Can I develop my own site?

Thank you so much!

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asked 2019-05-07 16:49:34 -0500
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1 Answer


Here are some links to some information resources.
Generally you will need some kind of RETS client component depending on your web site technology.

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answered 2019-05-07 17:32:20 -0500
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Thank you, that is a good start.

goak's avatar goak (2019-05-09 09:56:06 -0500) edit
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