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Unable to update data

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We are receiving the following error when attempting virtually any data update, one record or a full refresh: SearchQuery() called but unable to find Search location. Failed login?

Has our account been locked?

Here is our login: 'ver' => 'RETS/1.7.2', 'url' => '', 'user' => 'winner', 'pass' => 'xxxxxxxx', 'user_agent' => 'ThinAir', 'ua_pass' => 'xxxxxxxxx', 'debug' => false,

I changed the endpoint to https:// and it now times out? But no error?

Thank you for any assistance!! Marc 970-243-5459

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Thin Air
asked 2019-09-10 19:59:38 -0500
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1 Answer


I was able to connect without issue using your account and user agent.
Are you still having issues today?

I checked our logs and it looks like you may have been locked out yesterday until midnight CST because you exceeded the logins per day limit which is currently 20,000 for CREN.
Looks like you hit that limit at 2019-09-10 17:52:47.590 CST yesterday.

From or logs it looks you are doing a lot of queries for single listings like: (L_ListingID=762861).
I would suggest that you pull them in batches wherever possible like: (L_ListingID=762861,672709,...)
Also you can do a single login and do several searches before calling logout.

When pulling images, do a login followed by multiple GETOBJECT requests, then logout.
You may be already, but we don't normally log GETOBJECT to keep from filling up our logs.

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answered 2019-09-11 08:47:11 -0500, updated 2019-09-11 09:07:41 -0500
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hmm..... we've not changed this code for many months, and it stopped updating last week. we added one missing field, and now see 84,794 rows of data? is this correct for cren residential? our update process used to be pretty quick, and now it's crawling?

Thin Air's avatar Thin Air (2019-09-11 09:30:04 -0500) edit

I see all these User-Agents in our logs for the past 24 hours: ThinAir/1.1, ThinAir/1.2, ThinAir/1.3, ThinAir/1.4, ThinAir/1.5, ThinAir/1.6, ThinAir/1.7, ThinAir/1.8, ThinAir/1.9, ThinAir/1.10, ThinAir/1.11, ThinAir/1.12, ThinAir/1.19
Do you have multiple instances of your application running at the same time?
I didn't see where you even had over 4000 logins in a day until yesterday.

bwolven's avatar bwolven (2019-09-11 09:48:48 -0500) edit

is it possible there are incomplete actions still running, days on end? can you kill all those connections on your end? or should I restart our server on our end to break all those?

Thin Air's avatar Thin Air (2019-09-11 09:52:20 -0500) edit

It wouldn't do any good on my side since they are logging in doing work and logging out.
I show 9 user agents active since: 2019-09-11 05:03:11.620 UTC (todays calendar day CST).
So you would probably need to restart your side.
That would also explain why things seem slower on your side.

bwolven's avatar bwolven (2019-09-11 09:59:44 -0500) edit

thank you! can you confirm all user agents have logged out of your system?

Thin Air's avatar Thin Air (2019-09-11 11:33:36 -0500) edit

I just noticed that the login you reference 'ThinAir' is a secondary access, so we can do a user details sync. This is secondary to the property listings updates. The primary access is the 'winner' login. Thanks for the assist!

Thin Air's avatar Thin Air (2019-09-11 11:51:44 -0500) edit

I was only looking at login: winner.
Since your restart from login winner I see UserAgent values: ThinAir/1.9, ThinAir/1.8, ThinAir/1.5, ThinAir/1.19, ThinAir/1.12, ThinAir/1.11, ThinAir/1.10

bwolven's avatar bwolven (2019-09-11 12:10:59 -0500) edit

we just did a full server reboot, not just the one account. would you please confirm you now have no active sessions? thanks!

Thin Air's avatar Thin Air (2019-09-11 12:57:40 -0500) edit

The last entry for login: winner is: 2019-09-11 18:15:10.490 UTC (2019-09-11 13:15:10.490 CST).
UserAgent: ThinAir/1.12

bwolven's avatar bwolven (2019-09-11 13:20:43 -0500) edit

ThinAir/1.12 looks like your photo URL pull process.
Looks like you do: Login, GetObject for one listing's image URLs, then Logout.
If you can do a batch of GetObject calls after Login it would be more efficient.

bwolven's avatar bwolven (2019-09-11 13:27:39 -0500) edit

I just triggered a full listings update, at around 14:35 CST. Can you tell me the status of that request? Thanks!

Thin Air's avatar Thin Air (2019-09-11 13:42:22 -0500) edit
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