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I was given a URL for an IDX RETS feed but it's not working.

asked 2019-10-02 15:08:11 -0600

updated 2019-10-02 15:10:28 -0600

Good Afternoon,

I have completed the login for the ReMax Concepts IDX request for Steve Peterson. Username: i12588 Password: *

Here is the URL you will need for the IDX feed:

Thank you,

Nancy Timbs Director of MLS and Member Services Iowa City Area Association of REALTORS® 847 Quarry Road Suite 110 Coralville, IA 52241 319-338-6460

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1 Answer

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answered 2019-10-02 15:52:26 -0600

Looks like a typo in your Username. It should be: i2588
I verified your credentials worked in RETS.
Please don't include passwords in posts.

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Asked: 2019-10-02 15:08:11 -0600

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