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Many MLS Image URL's not working

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RETS URL: Username: schuld234

All of a sudden many of our image url's are not working. We see the following screenshot when trying to view the image directly:

You can see how many listings have no images here:

How can this be resolved?

Thanks Bill

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asked 2019-10-07 12:57:44 -0500
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1 Answer


SANCAPMLS was moved to a different environment on 9/26/2019.
With that move the image URLs would have also changed.
Please pull the image URLs again or at least any that have cdnparap160 in the URL.

Here is a URL from one listing in the page you referenced above.

You may also be able to fix it by changing "cdnparap160" to "cdnparap60" AND "/P16/" to "/P6/" in your locally stored URLs.


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answered 2019-10-07 14:50:04 -0500
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Were you able to get your image URLs fixed?

bwolven's avatar bwolven (2019-10-08 08:50:00 -0500) edit

Those changes fixed the issues. Thanks for the help.

rtservices's avatar rtservices (2019-10-09 10:41:20 -0500) edit
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