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Photos not accessible-CREN Image URLs

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We are unable to access photos for most of the listings from CREN MLS using the following Paragon account:

RETS URL: Username: GTech

Sample listing without photos:

Client WebSite: https://www.legacypropertieswestsir.c...

photos missing:

Please let us know what the issue is as our client is eager to resolve this for their entire website.

Thank you,

Juan Diego Gabriels Technology Solutions

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asked 2019-10-15 09:34:12 -0500
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updated 2019-10-15 10:13:05 -0500
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1 Answer


CREN was moved to a different environment and the URLs you listed point to the old.

To update your locally stored image URLs you can either:

  1. Download the image URLs again

  2. Update the image URLs you have stored.
    Change: "cdnparap10" to "cdnparap100"
    Change: "/P1/" to "/P10/"

Change from:

Change to:

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answered 2019-10-15 09:57:09 -0500
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