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Image urls wrong

I've seen this type of question asked before and the solution was to alter the records in the database or pull all images again, but in this case the image url requested from the rets server are wrong.

rets url:

snippet of the json response:

[18] => Array
        [Data] => <RETS ReplyCode="0" ReplyText="SUCCESS" ></RETS>
        [Content-Transfer-Encoding] => 8bit
        [Content-ID] => 52213674
        [Object-ID] => 19
        [Location] =>
        [Content-Type] => text/xml
        [Content-Length] => 52
        [Success] => 1

This is an active listing. I found the images on a couple other websites using this url: https://listing-images.homejunction.c...

This is happening to all reciprocated listings

Thanks in advance

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asked 2019-11-09 14:14:29 -0500
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Looking into the issue.

bwolven's avatar bwolven (2019-11-11 09:55:40 -0500) edit

We are working at correcting the issues.

bwolven's avatar bwolven (2019-11-15 10:06:32 -0500) edit

What's the fix status on this issue? We're also getting 404 from various images, which I posted about here:

IDX Broker's avatar IDX Broker (2019-12-02 09:12:35 -0500) edit

When spot-checking listings, we're not seeing image issues currently. Can you please confirm whether or not this issue has been fixed?

IDX Broker's avatar IDX Broker (2020-02-10 09:18:09 -0500) edit
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The image URLs for MAXEBRDI should be fixed now.
If you are storing them locally, you will need to pull ones with cdnparap60 in the URL domain again.

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answered 2020-02-10 15:04:58 -0500
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