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GlobalMLS - Commercial Zoning

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What happened to the zoning field in the Commercial Property listings? We used to pull in data from the LM_Char_25_2 field. That field is gone, but we cannot find one to replace it. Why would zoning information be removed from the commercial listings export? The agents we work with say there is still a zoning field for them to enter data in on their end, but is not required.


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asked 2019-11-26 14:29:09 -0500, updated 2019-11-26 14:33:17 -0500
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It looks like it is still a field that is being used, however - it is not currently exposed to RETS. You will want to contact the MLS for further inquiry.

Thank you,

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answered 2019-11-26 15:43:32 -0500
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Thank you. I contacted our person today and will let you know when I hear something.

IMCBeth's avatar IMCBeth (2019-11-26 22:53:25 -0500) edit

They replied and said they had not been notified of any changes like this. They are looking into it.

IMCBeth's avatar IMCBeth (2019-12-02 09:35:05 -0500) edit

LM_Char_25_2 is not a valid field name. It would have to have been: LM_Char25_2
But I don't see where anything has changed with that field.
Are you sure you don't mean: LM_Char25_21 - Restrictions, which is enabled for your profile?

bwolven's avatar bwolven (2019-12-02 10:31:21 -0500) edit

Looks like the new field would be LM_Char25_17.
It is only currently RETS enabled for classes: 2F_2, RR_3, VL_4
As of: 10/9/2019, which is as far back as I can check, it doesn't look like it has changed.
So the LM_Char25_2 field must have been removed sometime prior to that.
You will need to contact the MLS to request that the field be enabled for the other classes

bwolven's avatar bwolven (2019-12-02 11:10:25 -0500) edit

Hello, That was a typo on my side. It was LM_Char25_2. We have been using it for years for the zoning data out of the CM_5 data table. We do not know exactly when it was removed, but it was there as recently as September when we last did a round of updates. Restrictions is not useful to us. It needs to be zoning, as that is important to commercial buyers. I have contacted our local person who is looking into it.

IMCBeth's avatar IMCBeth (2019-12-03 09:36:51 -0500) edit
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