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Contra Costa image URLs returning 404

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We've found that many listings for CCAR have broken image links. Specifically, for each listing we've checked, the URLs coming through from RETS are the same for broken ones we're storing. As for the listings with working images, it seems like there's a different URL format. Some images have URLs from azureedge [dot] com, like this:

Others use the same cdnparap60.paragonrels [dot] com format as the broken links, but under a different path:

Here, "P3/MAXEBRDI" is used instead of the "P6/MLSL" in the broken links.

It seems like the paths refer to different organization names. Perhaps the MLS listings are having their images transferred to the azureedge domain, and RETS hasn't been updated with the new URLs yet. I don't see a way to extrapolate the appropriate azureedge URL based on the broken links, though.

A fair number of listings are showing up with broken images: Since all three Bay Area feeds use the same credentials, all three are affected.

Example URLs:

If I can provide any additional info to help troubleshoot this issue, please let me know. I appreciate your assistance!

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IDX Broker
asked 2019-11-27 10:24:13 -0500
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Please review the following post:

Our team is still working on going through the backlog of these. I'll request an additional update.

Thank you,

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answered 2019-11-27 10:49:11 -0500
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Thanks Sadie. Any update? There has not been any activity on the other thread you linked in some time.

IDX Broker's avatar IDX Broker (2019-12-16 11:21:51 -0500) edit

When spot-checking listings, we're not seeing image issues currently. Can you please confirm whether or not this issue has been fixed?

IDX Broker's avatar IDX Broker (2020-02-10 09:18:04 -0500) edit
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