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Extremely Long Metadata Download - Southeast Iowa Regional Board of REALTORS

asked 2019-12-30 14:26:55 -0600

It took 3 hours to download metadata for Southeast Iowa Regional Board of REALTORS using LOOKUP_TYPE (to include lookup lists). Using LOOKUP (field names only returned) took a few minutes. To properly map and populate searches, we need the full metadata with lookup lists. Is there any way to get this metadata faster? RETSiHomeFinder

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answered 2019-12-31 15:51:06 -0600

updated 2019-12-31 15:51:28 -0600


I definitely see it's taking an excessive amount of time. They do have about x4 the amount of values in that table, so I would expect it to take a bit longer - however, i'm investigating and writing up a review to determine possible discrepancies i'm missing, or ways to improve that performance. I'll update the post with 'answered' once I have more information for you.

Thank you,

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Asked: 2019-12-30 14:26:55 -0600

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