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Download data returns an error [closed]

We use mls(10223103) query to return this error.We received such an error after using this url, as follows RETS ReplyCode="20400" ReplyText="Invalid Resource [Unknown] Our username is 206528276 login URL: ""
Request URL:""


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asked 2020-07-29 22:29:45 -0500
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Closed for the following reason the question is answered, right answer was accepted by kangaroo
close date 2020-08-06 21:58:41.102976


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1 Answer


In your GETOBJECT URL you have two question marks, one before and one after the rets-version.
The second one should be "&"

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answered 2020-07-30 09:09:04 -0500
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When I use this url it returns
<rets replycode="20403" replytext="No Object Found [10230221:1]." &gt;="" we="" can="" use="" the="" mlsid="" starting="" with="" 4="" to="" return="" the="" data,="" and="" using="" the="" mlsid="" starting="" with="" 5="" or="" the="" letter="" can="" not="" get="" the="" data="" request="" url="" :="" "http:="""" rets="" fnisrets.aspx="" maxebrdi="" getobject?rets-version="rets/1.7.2&amp;Resource=Property&amp;Type=Photo&amp;Id=10230221%3A%2A"&lt;/p">

kangaroo's avatar kangaroo (2020-07-30 23:23:48 -0500) edit

For example these mlsid ("ML81795831","ML81796411","ML81798310").No data can be obtained for mls beginning with a letter.

kangaroo's avatar kangaroo (2020-07-30 23:30:00 -0500) edit

GETOBJECT uses the Property resource Key Field value from L_ListingID not L_DisplayID.

bwolven's avatar bwolven (2020-07-31 06:37:24 -0500) edit

hello,I use L_ListingID to query the beginning of 5 or there is no value. This is URL("") for example("52241194","52215334","52209448"), If the L_ListingID("40897344") starts with 4,can query the value.

kangaroo's avatar kangaroo (2020-08-03 21:54:20 -0500) edit

Is there a problem with the url we requested

kangaroo's avatar kangaroo (2020-08-05 21:44:38 -0500) edit

The issue you are running into is that MAXEBRDI has a mix of images.
Some are hosted by us and others are hosted externally.
To handle this set Location=1 and use the URL returned to download the image.
Or even better, don't use GETOBJECT, just search the Media resource and use those URLs.
If Media resource isn't enabled for your account, contact the MLS and request it be enabled.

bwolven's avatar bwolven (2020-08-06 09:28:28 -0500) edit

Thanks,My problem is solved

kangaroo's avatar kangaroo (2020-08-06 21:57:55 -0500) edit
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