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No record found in media search

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RETS URL : /rets/fnisrets.aspx/SCKMLS/login User : rets_idc


<rets replycode="20201" replytext="No Records Found." &gt;="" <count="" records="0"/> <delimiter value="09"/> <columns> L_ListingID L_Class L_Type_ L_Area L_AddressNumber L_AddressSearchNumber L_AddressDirection L_AddressStreet L_Address2 L_City L_State L_Zip L_StatusCatID
L_StatusID L_SystemPrice L_ListAgent1 L_ListOffice1 L_ListAgent2 L_ListOffice2 L_StatusDate L_UpdateDate L_PictureCount L_Last_Photo_updt L_listing_visibility_type_id L_DisplayId LMD_MP_Latitude LMD_MP_Longitude LMD_MP_Quality LMD_MP_ZoomLevel LMD_MP_AddressLine LMD_MP_PrimaryCity LMD_MP_SecondaryCity LMD_MP_Subdivision LMD_MP_PostalCode LMD_MP_MatchCode LMD_MP_MatchedMethod LMD_MP_UpdateDate L_Address L_Status MED_listing_media_id MED_listing_media_type_id MED_sequence MED_media_url MED_caption MED_description MED_file_size MED_width MED_height MED_duration MED_create_dt MED_update_dt LV_vow_include LV_vow_address LV_vow_comment LV_vow_avm L_IdxInclude L_LastDocUpdate </columns> <rets-status replycode="20201" replytext="**No Records Found**."/> </rets>

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IDC Global
asked 2020-12-11 22:17:05 -0500
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1 Answer


This should be fixed. Please verify that it is working.

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answered 2020-12-14 09:53:03 -0500
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Are you able to pull Media records now?

bwolven's avatar bwolven (2020-12-14 12:04:23 -0500) edit
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