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subatl (GAMLS) is getting a misc. search error

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url- username - BEXRETS

We're able to test properly on our dev machines but our production and staging are erroring. Did gamls make any ssl version requirement changes on there end.

what is causing this error?

Exception ignored in: <bound method="" retsapimanager.__del__="" of="" <api.managers.retsapimanager="" object="" at="" 0x7fd5f40d3668="">> Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/opt/bex/Datafeed20/api/", line 321, in __del__
File "/opt/bex/Datafeed20/api/", line 314, in logout
api_response_dict = self.api_request(api_args)
File "/opt/bex/Datafeed20/api/", line 231, in api_request
response_raw = self.api_session.get(
File "/usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages/requests/", line 525, in get return self.request('GET', url, *kwargs)
File "/usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages/requests/", line 512, in request resp = self.send(prep, *
File "/usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages/requests/", line 622, in send r = adapter.send(request, **kwargs)
File "/usr/lib/python3.6/site-packages/requests/", line 511, in send raise SSLError(e, request=request)
requests.exceptions.SSLError: HTTPSConnectionPool(host='', port=443): Max retries exceeded with url: /rets/fnisrets.aspx/GAMLS/logout (Caused by SSLError(SSLError(0, 'Underlying socket connection gone (_ssl.c:2084)'),))

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asked 2021-02-08 08:22:30 -0500, updated 2021-02-08 08:39:03 -0500
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Was this something that was working and just stared failing?
If so, when did it start failing?
Is it the search that is failing or the Login transaction?

bwolven's avatar bwolven (2021-02-08 08:57:22 -0500) edit

Yes it was working and started failing and we haven't changed anything on our end. The first error was 3am 2/4.

lizz's avatar lizz (2021-02-08 09:59:33 -0500) edit

errors: api.exceptions.APIUnauthorizedQuery: (APIUnauthorizedQuery(...), 'FEED LOGIN ERROR in feed 17: {\'start_time\': datetime.datetime(2021, 2, 4, 14, 8, 0, 781848, tzinfo=<utc>), \'end_time\': datetime.datetime(2021, 2, 4, 14, 8, 0, 927851, tzinfo=<utc>), \'reason\': \'Unauthorized\', \'rets_reply\': None, \'more_results\': False, \'total_result_count\': 0, \'headers\': {\'Cache-Control\': \'private\', \'Content-Type\': \'text/html\', \'Expires\': \'Mon, 01 Jan 0001 00:00:00 GMT\', \'X-AspNetMvc-Version\': \'5.2\', \'RETS-Server\': \'RETS-Paragon/1.0\', \'RETS-Version\': \'RETS/1.7.2\', \'

lizz's avatar lizz (2021-02-08 10:01:59 -0500) edit

[2021-02-04 20:23:57,358: INFO/ForkPoolWorker-74] ERROR GETTING FIELD VALUE: LA1_HiddenUsCID {'start_time': datetime.datetime(2021, 2, 4, 20, 23, 57, 325913, tzinfo=<utc>), 'end_time': datetime.datetime(2021, 2, 4, 20, 23, 57, 357809, tzinfo=<utc>), 'rets_reply': {'ReplyCode': 20036, 'ReplyText': 'miscellaneous server error.'}, 'more_results': False, 'total_result_count': None, 'headers': {'Cache-Control': 'private', 'Content-Type': 'text/html', 'X-Server': 'A140-02', 'Date': 'Thu, 04 Feb 2021 20:23:57 GMT', 'Vary': 'Accept-Encoding', 'Content-Encoding': 'gzip', 'Content-Length': '93', 'Connec

lizz's avatar lizz (2021-02-08 10:02:32 -0500) edit

I'm told nothing changed on our servers either.
I did verify I could login and search using your account.
Is this a consistent or intermittent issue?

bwolven's avatar bwolven (2021-02-08 10:32:43 -0500) edit
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Were you able to get this working?
I'm seeing successful search requests from your account in our log?

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answered 2021-02-08 13:22:28 -0500, updated 2021-02-09 15:55:12 -0500
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