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Bayou - office resource

asked 2021-03-04 13:35:53 -0600

We are trying to query the ActiveOffice resource using the O_UpdateDate to get recent changes but we are getting an error. Can you assist with this?

"ActiveOfficeActiveOffice": { "resource": "ActiveOffice", "class": "ActiveOffice", "query": "(O_UpdateDate=RECENTLYUPDATEDDATE+)", "select": "", "limit": "100", "offset": "", "format": "COMPACT-DECODED", "es_resource_name": "offices" } for the active office information, and RetsMd says that O_UpdateDate is a queryable field, however rets connector says it is not. The error we get is "Unknown Query Field [O_UpdateDate]". Username: Remax

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answered 2021-03-04 14:30:09 -0600

This should be fixed now. Please verify that it is working.

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Confirmed it is now working. Thanks.

remax gravatar imageremax ( 2021-03-05 11:23:41 -0600 )edit
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