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Getting empty entries in Data Feed


I am using GAMLS feed and while fetching the data for MF I am getting empty fields in Square Footage - I am using this system name for the same:

LM_Int4_9 LM_Char10_18

This is what I am getting in the field : L_PricePerSQFT

Also, unit details are also showing empty or Not available:

But when I am checking through GAMLS panel then it is showing the data. Is there something I am missing? Kindly let me know.

This is what I have used for these details:

Thank you

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asked 2021-05-30 23:09:35 -0500
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MF_3 class uses: LM_int4_32, LM_int4_33, LM_int4_34, LM_int4_35 for the finished area of Units 1-4.
These two fields are not in the MF_3 class: LM_Int4_9 and LM_Char10_18
L_PricePerSQFT I'm not sure what is used for that value for MF_3. You may need to contact the MLS.
I don't know what GAMLS listing you are referring to in your examples.
You also didn't include your RETS account name.

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answered 2021-05-31 06:31:27 -0500, updated 2021-05-31 06:31:57 -0500
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Hi, is the account name = Username for GAMLS?

Kindly let me know

davidhardik's avatar davidhardik (2021-06-01 02:02:33 -0500) edit

Yes. No passwords.

bwolven's avatar bwolven (2021-06-01 04:08:43 -0500) edit


davidhardik's avatar davidhardik (2021-06-01 12:31:23 -0500) edit
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