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Missing Listing Great Lakes Repository [closed]

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3831 W Barnes Lake Rd. Marathon Twp, MI 48421-9117 (MLS#: 2210055430 and 781-21-0031) is not in our Great Lakes Rep feed, though the agent has added IDX distribution on the listing. Could you check into it?

Our credentials: URL: User: MIRreliance

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asked 2021-07-23 09:49:55 -0500
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Closed for the following reason the question is answered, right answer was accepted by chglfish
close date 2021-07-23 15:50:11.024910


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1 Answer


That listing is not configured for your feed.
L_ListingID: 40197632
LM_char30_29: 2210055430
L_UpdateDate: 2021-07-14T18:29:16.8
L_IdxInclude: No
LV_vow_include: No

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answered 2021-07-23 15:48:21 -0500
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Thanks for checking. They often say something is set when it is not.

chglfish's avatar chglfish (2021-07-23 15:50:00 -0500) edit
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