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Intermountain search error

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Getting a error when searching our RETS intermountain feed - RETS Reply Code 20202 RETS Reply Text Invalid Select. Field [L_Remarks] does not exist in Class [RE_1].

This is returning when searching anything from status to type

url- username- 559609 BEX Realty

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asked 2021-08-20 08:36:51 -0500, updated 2021-08-20 09:04:28 -0500
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Adding my 2-cents: The email we got a few days ago said L_Remarks would be expanded to 1024 chars on the 19th, but it totally disappeared for us as well.

User 19107r


-Len Vinci iHOUSEWeb

LenVinci's avatar LenVinci (2021-08-20 10:13:22 -0500) edit
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I've reviewed and it looks like they updated to a new field: LR_remarks33

For additional questions, or specific access please contact the MLS for more information.

Thank you!

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answered 2021-08-20 12:25:19 -0500
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Um LR_Remarks33 is not a field included in the feed according to the Metadata...

LenVinci's avatar LenVinci (2021-08-20 12:32:18 -0500) edit

This issue I'm seeing is when I search anything in the feed example under ResidentalProperty , L_Status: MlsStatus [Lookup] = Active I get that 20202 rets error and Invalid Select. Field [L_Remarks] does not exist in Class [RE_1]. - which doesn't even apply to what I'm searching?

lizz's avatar lizz (2021-08-20 13:37:28 -0500) edit

The MLS converted/moved the data from one physical field to another in order to allow more characters in the field. Data was moved from L_Remarks to LR_remarks33 and a metadata refresh was performed. If your metadata is older than 2021-08-19T14:42:11Z you'll want to repull metadata in order to recognize the change.

Philip.Owen's avatar Philip.Owen (2021-08-25 10:31:27 -0500) edit
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