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Malformed query???

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CCAR disabled our account and we were told that the following RETS query was malformed and causing performance issues: rets-version=rets/1.7.2&SearchType=Office&Class=Office&Format=COMPACT-DECODED&Limit=1&Query=(O_OfficeID=305668)&QueryType=DMQL2

This query doesn't return any result as it seems that the office id doesn't exist but we're not sure why this query would cause issues prompting our account to be disabled?

Our account name: AVP-flyhomes

Thanks, Bruno

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asked 2021-09-13 10:54:27 -0500
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Hello Bruno!

I'm unable to find an account with the login name of AVP-flyhomes. You are using Coastal Carolinas? Once we know this, we'll be better able to give you an answer.

Thank you,

Sadie's avatar Sadie (2021-09-13 11:44:43 -0500) edit

Hi Sadie,

We're using Contra Costa Association of REALTORS (CCAR) in California.

Thanks, Bruno

brunob's avatar brunob (2021-09-13 15:16:26 -0500) edit
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Thank you!

So I've taken a look, I don't think it was necessarily that particular request - the issue looks more to be that there is only a single listing/office or agent being requested at once, at one point this issues up to 167 requests in a minute. In order to be not flagged you will need to start issuing requests in batches,using multiple sets of listings that are comma separated at a time. Below is some helpful documentation to optimize your query (Starting ~ page 11):

Hopefully that helps!

Thank you,

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answered 2021-09-13 15:51:37 -0500
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Sadie, this is helpful. Can you share the request limit per minute?

brunob's avatar brunob (2021-09-13 16:17:57 -0500) edit

There isn't necessarily a limit - but typically 500-1000 listings in a batch is sufficient for performance. Typically requesting around this amount instead of individual listings - will improve the speed as well.

Sadie's avatar Sadie (2021-09-13 16:24:34 -0500) edit
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