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Log4j Vulnerability and Remediation

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Hi team,

I am Harpreet Singh and represent the Data Services team at IHR Technology Services. We ingest MLS data from multiple MLSs via Paragon

Recently, we have remediated the "Log4j vulnerability" in our systems.

We are reaching out to you to understand if this vulnerability is identified at your end. If yes, we would like to know the remediation strategy and timeline.

Since we are ingesting the data by querying your servers, we want to ensure that the service continuity is maintained and there are no disruptions to the data flow and the systems are not vulnerable to "Log4j"

Please reach out to us if there are any questions. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Thank you Harpreet

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asked 2021-12-15 05:30:22 -0500
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Hi Harpreet,

Thank you for reaching out. We do not disclose status of vulnerabilities, but do recognize high severity of Log4j vulnerability and can assure that our vulnerability management program accounts for immediate remediation of high severity vulnerabilities.

Thank you.

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answered 2021-12-15 08:34:57 -0500
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Thanks for acknowledging this.

IHRTechServices's avatar IHRTechServices (2021-12-15 08:36:51 -0500) edit
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