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NEREN META update 1-4-17, Major Issues

I, once again, am pulling what little hair I have out.

Thank you for the email, and the link to the list,

But, there are major issues here.

First, as previously posted, System names CharX_X incorrect, needs to have LM_ or what have you prepended. It makes a difference

Second, LM_Char50_17 (Cable Company) and LM_Char50_18 (Fuel Company) (Both had char50 not Char50) and LM_DateTime_11 are already there (Residential) So, how do we deal with this? Are they now Deeds?

Third, I have only gotten through residential, but, there are a LOT of missing fields in this list. 1. LM_char50_22 2. LM_char50_24 3. LM_char10_74 4. LO1_Char50_8 5. LO1_Char50_9 6. LO1_Char50_10 7. LO1_Char100_3 8. LO2_Char50_8 9. LO2_Char50_9 10. LO2_Char50_10 11. LO2_Char100_3 12. LO3_Char50_8 13. LO3_Char50_9 14. LO3_Char50_10 15. LO3_Char100_3 16. SO1_Char50_8 17. SO1_Char50_9 18. SO1_Char50_10 19. SO1_Char100_3 20. SO3_Char50_8 21. SO3_Char50_9 22. SO3_Char50_10 23. SO3_Char100_3


OK, got through residential. Cost my customer a lot more than it should have. I would have downloaded META, but in the past, it was inaccurate in char length that I am too afraid to go that approach.

Well, started on commercial sales, I'm seeing a column difference of 21. I only see 2 in the list. I am out of time today. And now need to to do what should be really a 10-15 minute update, not almost 2 hours just for one type, for the others.

I am not looking forward explaining this bill to my client.