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Cannot access RETS server for Knox County, OH

We have been having intermittent issues connecting to the RETS database when trying to pull in Offices, Agents, and Listings. Below is the error message we are receiving and our login credentials. Can you please take a look into this for us?

An exception occurred while trying to Download this batch

======================================================= librets.RetsExceptionNative: You are not logged in at librets.RetsSession.CreateSearchRequest(String searchType, String searchClass, String query) at com.showings.librets.RetsSearchDownloader.BuildRequest() in c:\Projects\All\Shared\libRETSx86\RetsSearchDownloader.cs:line 349 at com.showings.librets.RetsSearchDownloader.<searchsync>b__0() in c:\Projects\All\Shared\libRETSx86\RetsSearchDownloader.cs:line 244 at com.showings.librets.RetsNetworkRetry.Run(Action action, Action1 retsErrorHandler, Action1 errorHandler) in c:\Projects\All\Shared\libRETSx86\RetsNetworkRetry.cs:line 36EndpointID: 331

MLSName: KCOH - Knox County OH LoginURL: UserName: Vendor-CSS