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No Listings Returned for Terre Haute Area Association of REALTORS®

Our query that we are using in most other Paragon markets is not working with this one and we are not getting any listings. Can you please investigate? I have included our query below, with the PW redacted with "XXXX"

retsX -u 'JEvelo' -p 'XXXX' -l '' ; -v 'RETS/1.7.2' -a 'Wolfnet/1.5' -t Search -q 'Limit=NONE&QueryType=DMQL2&StandardNames=0&Count=1&Format=COMPACT-DECODED&SearchType=Property&Class=LD_2&Query=((L_AskingPrice=0-999999999),(L_StatusCatID=|1,3))&Select=L_ListingID'

Error : <rets-status replycode="20206" replytext="Missing close parenthesis on subquery."/>