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Edmonton RETS Feed - Intermittent Download Issues

Hi Everyone! We are having intermittent issues with our RETS connection and I am hoping you can take a look. Every few RETS requests that we send, we get the following reply from the server:

RETS ReplyCode="20037" ReplyText="RETS-UA-Authorization failed." /

It happens sporadically, but enough to disrupt our data downloads. We checked with the MLS and they could find nothing wrong with the account. The issue persists, however, it's not a matter of whether the credentials work or not, it's a matter of the credentials failing half the time we use them.

If we were to run, for instance, 50 basic Metadata or GetObject RETS in a row using our credentials, 50% of our requests (based on recent observation) fail with the RETS ReplyCode="20037" ReplyText="RETS-UA-Authorization failed." / Another test is running a GetObject request 50 times where "Type=Photo&Resource=Property&id=66977937"

Can you please investigate as this is causing havoc with our downloads UN: cwolfnet