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History DMQL queries are timeing out rus0808

History DMQL queries are timing out when the query results are large.

The RE1 History query below sent today 18-Oct-2018 09:26:10 EDT.

Watching the results live showed the RETS server pasuing sending the results at the end of last line in the middle of the final ending tag data tag "<da" then approximately 10 minutes and 05 seconds later continued sending where it left off at "ta><RETS-STATUS ReplyCode="0" ReplyText="Operation Successful" />".

However by that time our client timed out raising an error which aborts our download job.

Note we typically have a LIMIT of 1000, but as shown in this query we lowered it to 100 with the same result.

[Select] => L_Class,L_DisplayId,L_HistoryId,L_Last_Photo_updt,L_ListingID,L_Sequence,L_Status,L_StatusDate,L_UpdateDate
[Query] => (LM_CommentDate=2018-10-18T00:00:00Z+)
[Resource] => History
[Class] => RE_1
[QueryType] => DMQL2
[Count] => 1
[Limit] => 100
[Offset] => 1
[RestrictedIndicator] => 
[StandardNames] => 0