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Mapping the listing and open house tables

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We have difficulties to map the listing id between the OpenHouse and listings. The Listings tables provide L_ListingID & L_DisplayID fields and both have the same values. Below is the sample data from Listings: <columns> L_ListingID L_DisplayId </columns> <data> 40806752 40806752 </data> <data> 40818305 40818305 </data> <data> 40818478 40818478 </data> <data> 40818550 40818550 </data> <data> 40818926 40818926 </data>

The OpenHouse table provide L_DisplayID & L_ListingID fields. Both have different values, but none of them are matching with the L_ListingID/L_DisplayID in Listings tables. Below is the sample data from OpenHouse: <columns> L_DisplayId L_ListingID </columns> <data> ML81694196 52139101 </data> <data> ML81694062 52138971 </data> <data> ML81694062 52138971 </data> <data> ML81694438 52139722 </data> <data> ML81692128 52137218 </data> <data> ML81694438 52139722 </data> <data> ML81691730 52136840 </data> <data> ML81693724 52138645 </data> <data> ML81694831 52139684 </data> <data> ML81694831 52139684 </data>

Please advise which field should we use in both Listings and OpenHouse tables for mapping purpose.