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Beds and baths all blanked out. North Central WV

User : 'iHouseWeb'

Yesterday around 4:30 pm PST we did a full data pull and there were many important fields blanked out. In the SF_1 class:

L_Keyword1|# of Bedrooms|Searchable||

L_Keyword2|# of Rooms|Searchable||

L_Keyword3|# of Full Baths|Searchable||

L_Keyword6|# of Half Baths|Searchable||

L_Keyword7|# of Other Baths|Searchable||

L_Keyword8|# Total Baths|Searchable||

LM_Dec_23|# of Stories

And several others, and it happened in all Property Classes. This is a pretty serious problem so I've stopped doing updates and have reverted to earlier data. I'll keep an eye on it over the weekend to see if the data comes back. Little help?


-Len Vinci iHOUSEweb