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unable to access Media Class RE_1 for Hot Springs

I'm using PHRETS to get information from the Paragon servers.

What I really want to do is get the created/updated dates for listing images. I have Hot Springs Board of Realtors down as an "Object" retrieval for getting images, but the "PHRETS\Models\BaseObject Object" I get back from galling GetObject doesn't seem to have that information:

[content_type:protected] => image/jpeg
[content_id:protected] => 125305
[object_id:protected] => 1
[mime_version:protected] => 
[location:protected] => 
[content_description:protected] => 
[content_sub_description:protected] => 
[content:protected] => <image data>
[preferred:protected] => 
[error:protected] =>

But looking at the Media Resource, I do see created/updated dates. But when I try to get that information, I get an error "You are not authorized to access class [RE_1] in resource [Media]."

The end result is that I'm trying to avoid downloading images that I already have. Any ideas? Thanks, Andy