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Having Issues Pulling Results in PhRETS

I am developing for a WordPress site and am getting an error that states: "Unexpected end of Query.". I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. I'm just putting in the example query from the documentation .


$config = new \PHRETS\Configuration;
    $config->setRetsVersion('1.7.2'); // see constants from \PHRETS\Versions\RETSVersion
$config->setHttpAuthenticationMethod('digest'); // or 'basic' if required 
$config->setOption('use_post_method', false); // boolean
$config->setOption('disable_follow_location', false); // boolean

$rets = new \PHRETS\Session($config);

$connect = $rets->Login();

    $results = $rets->Search(
        ['Limit' => 3, 'Select' => 'LIST_1,LIST_105,LIST_15,LIST_22,LIST_87,LIST_133,LIST_134']

foreach ($results as $r) {