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Photos available before listing - photos get skipped

I think I've discovered an issue where we miss photos when the photos are added before the listing. This affects markets where we use GetObject on the Property resource to download photos. I'm wondering if there's a recommended download strategy for these. Here's an example issue for IMLS listing 98738877:

L_FirstPhotoAddDt = 2019-07-26T20:05:52.4

L_Last_Photo_updt = 2019-07-26T20:05:52.4

Our system shows the listing was first downloaded 2019-07-27T17:29:47Z, which is after the photos were added. Assuming our system downloaded the listing shortly after the listing was added, this would imply the photo date was set to a time before the record was actually available. This would cause our photo download process to skip over this record because it wasn't available yet.

Our photo download process queries a date range using the L_Last_Photo_updt field. It sets the next "min" date based on the "max" value of the current results.

Does this make sense? If so, how should I change our photo download process so that we don't have this problem?

This isn't specific to IMLS, it affects several markets we consume...this is just an example.

Thanks much!