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Critical - RETS search returning different columns in result set

My implementation of retrieving data from uses Python and the 'rets' library. The search takes parameters:

  1. resource=Property
  2. resource_class=RE_1
  3. limit=25 // really an arbitrary integer
  4. search_filter= text for state, county, and listing date range

This works fine... however, I've seen that results in one date range (e.g. 9/1/2019 - 9/10/2019) differ from another (e.g. 1/1/2000 - 9/10/2019). Differences seen include:

  • Addition of LM_Char25_10
  • Dropping of LM_char10_44
  • Dropping of LM_char10_46
  • Et cetera

Is the server supposed to return varying results like this? If so, is there a different method to get the full (non-variable) result set every time?

This implementation requires a consistent data set be output from the search every time.

Please advise, thank you.