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Texarkana - Open House Data Availability

Can you please confirm Open House data is available for the Texarkana Board of Realtors (AR)? We have a client stating that the data is available, however, we are not seeing it with the below queries:

Post: Payload: {'SearchType': 'OpenHouse', 'Class': 'RE_1', 'Query': '(OH_UpdateDateTime=2020-01-01T00:00:00+),(OH_UpdateDateTime=2020-12-31T00:00:00-)', 'QueryType': 'DMQL2', 'Count': 1, 'Limit': 1000, 'Offset': 1, 'StandardNames': 0, 'Format': 'COMPACT-DECODED'}

Also tried: Payload: {'SearchType': 'OpenHouse', 'Class': 'RE_1', 'Query': '(OH_OpenHouseID=0+)', 'QueryType': 'DMQL2', 'Count': 1, 'Limit': 100, 'Offset': 1, 'StandardNames': 0, 'Format': 'COMPACT-DECODED'}

For reference a Residential property query that returns results looks like: Post: Payload: {'SearchType': 'Property', 'Class': 'RE_1', 'Query': '(L_UpdateDate=2020-04-22T20:44:14+),(L_UpdateDate=2021-04-22T20:44:14-),(L_StatusCatID=|1,3,2)', 'QueryType': 'DMQL2', 'Count': 1, 'Limit': 1000, 'Offset': 1, 'StandardNames': 0, 'Format': 'COMPACT-DECODED'}