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Coming Soon photos unavailable in TMLS RETS

RETS URL: Account Name: DDbrightlyidx

When we do a search query for photos on a listing with L_Status = 1_1 aka 'Coming Soon', we do not get any results.

The exact same query for listings with L_Status = 1_0 aka 'Active' works as usual.

Is there something different we need to do to access the photos for a listing with status 'Coming Soon'? We have never had trouble accessing photos for Active listings, and are just in the process of implementing support for the 'Coming Soon' status. Everything else except for accessing the photos for a 'Coming Soon' listing is working as expected.

For example, as of right now we correctly get 27 photos for the Active listing with L_ListingID=2311609. However, when we do the same query for the Coming Soon listing with L_ListingID=2321011 we get no results even though the L_PictureCount for 2321011 equals 3.

Thank you for any insight you can provide on accessing photos for listings with 'Coming Soon' status.