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Slow Keyset Fetch in JACKSONMLS

In our daily reconciliation process to purge/delete old listings, we are observing that the data feed takes several hours (> over 3 hours) to pull a full keyset from the RETS system, especially in the largest property class (residential). We are specifying a pagination size of 5000 listings per fetch. However, we observed that the feed only returns 500 at a time. This max size was also confirmed in our email followup with the MLS.

Our team actually observed and posted on a similar issue as the one mentioned here. We are following best practices as outlined in this post: using Offset and Limit in our pagination, selecting only fields in the InKeyIndex list (L_StatusCatID, L_UpdateDate, and L_ListingID), etc. Can you confirm that these fields are truly in the InKeyIndex? And recommend how the response time can be improved? We'd also like to know if the pagination size can be increased, as the current limit of 500 records means a little over > 3000 round trips to fetch all listings from the residential class. Conversely, in our other Paragon MLS feeds, we are able to fetch/paginate full keysets in a very timely manner.

Our RETS url is: