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GetObject Property Photos Timeout


I am using the PHRETS library and am able to query a filtered list of properties using the standard "Search" method on the PHRETS Session class, however when I try and fetch photos for each property using the "GetObject" method the request becomes unresponsive for anything more than 5 properties.

$photos = $session->GetObject('Property', 'Photo', $propertyId, '*');

Is there a way to batch these photo requests to make the query faster. We are trying to sync down ~40 properties and can only get images for ~5 properties at a time before the request times out. Our request timeout for Apache and PHP is set to 600 seconds.

Requesting only the properties w/o images returns a response in less than a few seconds. Is this a problem w/ the RETS server or is there anything I can do to help speed up the response times when querying photos for properties? I have used this identical code for other RETS servers w/o issue on a similar number of properties.

Please let me know if I can provide additional detail to help troubleshoot this.

Thanks, Trevor