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Rockford AAR - Realtor Assoc of NW IL Merged but not Agent resource

Classic RETS:

LoginCommand = We have 2 logins:



The 2 MLSes recently merged their data and we were hoping to merge OUR data but there's a discrepancy between the data available for the 2 logins in the Agent Resource only (as far as I can tell. Unlike the Office resource where we are getting data from both sources:

1188 'Rockford Area Association of REALTORS'

287 'Realtor Assoc. of Northwestern IL'

In the Agent resource we only get Rockford agents for rets4978 and only RANW IL for F_IHOUSE

Property records appear to be from both boards as expected.

Can we please get a merged set of Agent data for the F_IHOUSE login? That would be great!