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As we talked, below is clip from the daily PHP META data run using phRETS to populate the Country Brokers web site for Antrim NH residential properties.

Since the daily run totals for META data records downloaded for all 14 town's META data has remained static for at least a week, perhaps more, and there are no new photographs to download, it appears that the Paragon database has been in some sort a static state because it is unlikely the photo count and property metrics would yield these results.

Any help in identifying a problem would be appreciated.


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rets_property_thumbnail_update() line#38 SESSION[cbre_domain_name]=countrybrok... line#271 file[/var/www/vhosts/ ] ] function[dcg_rets_connect ] RETS CONNECTION SUCCESSFUL SESSION[login]=[ ] Digest is supported line#154 sql_query:Array create_mysql_thumbnail_tables(rets_home_thumbnail_table_antrim) line#180 phrets_resource [Property] line#181 phrets_class [RE_1] line#182 phrets_query [(L_City=Antrim),(L_State=NH)] line#183 array: phrets_params_key [Limit] phrets_params_value [500] line#183 array: phrets_params_key [Format] phrets_params_value [COMPACT-DECODED] line#193 rets->SearchQuery: phrets_search[1] phrets_query[(L_City=Antrim),(L_State=NH)] line#194 number_of_rows=157

-- record#[ 1 ] ...

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